Woof Wear Poll Guard


Woof Wear Poll Guard


Made from thermoformed EVA padding, this ergonomically designed, close fitting poll guard offers high levels of impact protection to the delicate poll area.

The Poll Guard attaches easily to the headcollar ensuring that it stays securely in position and is suitable for use in the stable and whilst travelling.

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A Poll Guard, quite simply, protects the horses poll area. Located between the horse’s ears, the poll is the bony point where the spinal cord attaches to the skull.

It is a particularly sensitive area and is susceptible to injury, particularly when the horse is in a confined area with limited headroom, such as whilst travelling.

If enough pressure is applied, an injury to the poll can be very serious.

Unfortunately, more often than not, the use of poll guards isn’t considered until the horse has already been injured – we hope to change that.

Made from thermoformed EVA padding, Woof Wear’s ergonomically designed, and close fitting Poll Guard give high levels of protection to the delicate poll area.