Lincoln ITCHY SWITCHY SOS 3 Pack – Sweet Itch prevention and treatment program


Lincoln ITCHY SWITCHY SOS 3 Pack – Sweet Itch prevention and treatment program


Many of us are familiar with that sinking feeling when you discover a rubbed tail resembling something akin to a toilet brush, when only hours previously there was a beautiful, full tail. Unfortunately for many, the rubbing goes way beyond aesthetic, resulting in skin trauma from ‘self harm’ when the urge to itch and rub is incessant.  Sore, broken and open skin is a magnet for flies and dirt and can be a nightmare to manage.

As always in life, prevention is generally better than a ‘cure’! There are various options to manage this, including fly rugs and masks, topical solutions and restricted turnout.

Itchy Switchy S.O.S is an exciting new collection of topical solutions to care for horses and ponies with a tendency to cause themselves harm via the ‘itch/scratch/rub’ cycle


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Lincoln Itchy Switchy SOS 3 Pack

Summer time can be a particularly testing time for horses and ponies who suffer from Sweet Itch.  Sweet Itch is caused by an allergic reaction within the animal’s skin to the saliva of midges.  Symptoms typically include persistent itching and horses are most commonly affected along their mane and around the base of their tail although in badly affected animals, this may extent to the face, ears, neck, belly and shoulders.
In severe cases, the advice of your vet should be sought but many owners find that they can treat the symptoms successfully themselves with careful management.
  • Lincoln Itchy Switchy SOS “More than just a Shampoo” effectively cleanses without stripping natural oils from the skin.  Clean skin and hair is an uninviting environment for midges and insects – they prefer scurfy, dirty hair and skin.  This product also contains extracts of chrysanthemum, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus to calm, soothe and cool irritated skin.
  • Lincoln Itchy Switch SOS Skin Aid contains Benzyl Benzoate which is well known for it’s cooling and calming properties.  When worked well into the skin, it can help to break the itch scratch cycle which can unsettle your horse and cause damage to hair and skin.  Furthermore, it stays on the surface of the skin to create a physical barrier against further midge attack.
  • Lincoln Itchy Switchy SOS Skin Shield is the third product in this program.  It is a thick antibacterial cream which firstly forms a physical barrier against further attack but secondly, protects existing abrasions and bits from insects whilst treating those small injuries to the skin to promote recovery.
  • These products should be used as part of a wider management program which may include selective turnout to reduce exposure to midges and/or use of a good quality Sweet Itch rug.
  • ***Always do a patch test first to check for adverse reaction***
Management can be simplified as follows:-
A dirty scurfy tail is a lovely environment for midges.  Whilst over-washing can compromise the skin’s integrity, keeping the skin clean (without over doing it) creates an uninviting feeding ground for midges.  Use a shampoo with a ph balanced formulation which will clean the tail without stripping it of natural oils – Lincoln Itchy Switchy SOS “More than just a Shampoo” is ideal.
**Where you are following a preventative program and your horse is not showing any symptoms ie scratching, you can skip this step**
Use a topical application to soothe affected areas.  Products using Benzyl Benzoate are commonly used and Lincoln Itchy Switch SOS Skin Aid is ideal.  Work the lotion deep into the affected area so that it contacts with the skin underneath the hair.
Avoiding having your horse of pony turned out at times of day – commonly dawn and dusk – when midges are at their most active is ideal.  Where this is not possible or simply isn’t enough, a good sweet itch rug can help.  Where an extra level of protection is needed Lincoln Itchy Switchy SOS Skin Shield is the perfect solution.  Lincoln Itchy Switchy SOS Skin Shield is a thick topical application which contains soothing ingredients to calm the irritation caused by midges whilst at the same time forming a physical barrier to help guard against future midge attack.