HAAS CAVALIERE Grooming Brush – for superior cleanliness and a shiny coat

HAAS CAVALIERE Grooming Brush – for superior cleanliness and a shiny coat


Popular with professional grooms and horsemen, the Cavaliere is a high quality horse hair brush with slightly longer outer bristles for excellent grooming results with a leather hand strap.

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  • The boarder of this brush is made up of slightly longer strong horse hair bristles to clean deep into the coat whilst the shorter hairs in the middle of the brush encourage the coat to lie flat, promoting a glossy shine
  • Broad strap keeps the brush securely in your hand so that you can work quickly and thoroughly without loosing your grip
  • HAAS patented strap will not come away from the brush even with long use
  • Synthetic back allows the brush to be washed repeatedly without bristle loss
  • For best results use a stronger brush such as the HAAS BRENING MADOC or the HAAS COUNTRY BRUSH to first remove surface dirt from the coat before grooming throughly with the HAAS CAVALIERE to remove excess oils and any remaining dirt and finish with one of the HAAS range of finishing brushes such as the HAAS FELLGLANZ for optimum results.

HAAS brushes are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the best results for your horse.  Founded in 1919, the company began to specialise in high quality grooming brushes in 1984 and have been leading the field ever since.  Unlike many cheaper brushes, the strap is inserted before the bristles are secured into the backs.  No nails, screws or pins are used, thus reducing the risk of injury.  Although beautifully crafted to have a traditional appearance, special synthetic materials are used in the production of the backs, making them durable, water resistant and washable.  The synthetic material and manufacturing technique also ensure accuracy in assembly and better anchorage of the bristles.