Equilibrium Tri Zone All Sports Brushing Boots, Lightweight all round protection


Equilibrium Tri Zone All Sports Brushing Boots, Lightweight all round protection



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The Tri-Zone Horse All Sports Boots are the modern day breathable brushing boot. The perfect all round boot for all activities, including everyday schooling to cross country, jumping or hacking.

Protection provided by the All Sports Boots for horses.

The boot design uses a four layer system. The first layer is provides a inner lining for the horse and sits comfortably against the leg. It is perforated and cushioned.

Layer two is a strong mesh. This adds another layer of protection to the sports boots, but also stops any debris making its way into the boot towards your horses leg.

Layer three is the internal guard. This layer is placed over the vulnerable tendon area and is made with strips of material to allow it to mould around the horses leg. This allows the horse to move freely without the feeling of a ‘splint’.

Lastly, the outer layer provides a durable, breathable and attractive material. We’ve made sure this material is easy to clean and maintain too!

Testing of the Tri-Zone All Sports Horse Boots.

Designed to meet the needs of the everyday rider to the top international competitor, these boots are tested by an independent safety testing laboratory to check their ability to protect against concussion and penetration injuries. The boot testing also includes breathability, flexibility and weight testing too. In fact, these horse sports boots are so light they even float on water.

Sizing Advice

Please look at the sizing chart in the product images for guidance.