CAVALOR BIANCO WASH (formerly Norplus) Stubborn Stain Fighting Horse Shampoo

CAVALOR BIANCO WASH (formerly Norplus) Stubborn Stain Fighting Horse Shampoo


A skin friendly gentle horse shampoo that removes stains and produces an unrivalled illuminating shine on coats of all colours.


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Unlike many of the silver or blue shampoos on the market, Cavalor Bianco White actually removes stains rather than simply reducing their yellowish tinge with purple or blue pigment.

“IT’S EXPENSIVE!”  Yes, it is more than you might normally spend on a 500ml bottle of shampoo BUT a little really does go a very very long way.  A dilution of 30ml of Cavalor Bianco Wash to 8 litres of lukewarm water if recommended for all over body use.  The shampoo can be applied to a sponge for rubbing away specific stubborn stains.

Perfect for white or grey tails!  We calculate that you should be able to turn about 25 tails yellowish tails brilliant white with one bottle of Cavalor Bianco Wash.  For anyone who has struggled with washing up liquid, tomato sauce (yes that is a thing!!!) or net curtain whitener or have turned their knuckles and fingernails purple (when you know, you know) that is nothing short of a miracle.


  • contains a mixture of vegetable extracts and cleans without irritating
  • pH neutral
  • creates lasting protection for your horse’s coat